With all our projects
we offer a full service package
starting from conceptual planning
of exhibitions and collections
up to documentation in forms such as online- and print publications.

Dr. Julia-Constance Dissel

The Studio is led by philosopher, art- and design thinker and curator Dr. Julia-Constance Dissel. The studio works in diverse domains of the arts
including painting, graphics, sculpture,
product design, and other sorts of (applied) arts.
Supported by a team of art and design experts
the studio focuses on the realization of exhibition projects for business and private clients from
various sectors as well as for museums and other public institutions. We also engage in the furnishing of business premises and other facilities and in the professional buildup of art and design collections.
Responsibility for society and environment
is important to us, we do believe that the arts can be a means to develop a responsible relationship
between (wo)men and nature, and we also believe that good business should be conscientious.
The studio therefore also realizes an amount of business projects in direct cooperation with non-profit social or environmental organizations, to support and to engender a different sort
of business thinking.